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Get Tickets to Chicago


If you’re one of those persons who loves a good drama, crime or mystery movie or book, then you are in for a treat! Set in the Prohibition era of Chicago, this musical is one of those shows that will serve you a healthy slice of the pie of solving crimes, great...
Reserve Your Seats to Aladdin


Aladdin and his famous story, loved by generations after generations, needs few words for an introduction. Let yourself be transported back in time in the realm of mystery, beautifully lit palace’s domes, flying carpets, magical princesses and talking parrots. Smell...
Best Seats to School of Rock

School of Rock

Great times are to be had at the School of Rock. Now is the time to check out this fun play based on the movie. Bring out your inner rock n’ roll and start listening to some great tunes. Great seats are still available.

This is a Great Show to See

Dear Evan Hansen

This may be the Broadway Show for you. You have the chance to watch some great talent up front and in person. Some great seats are still available throughout the week. You don’t want to miss out.

The Band’s Visit

Could one word make the difference? How about one letter? This newest, most spectacular Broadway musical is all about differences, and how they succumb to friendship, love and music. Follow the brilliant story of a band of police orchestra players who, instead of...

Sweeney Todd

The Best Blood-Filled Evening Off Broadway When is a theater a theater?  When it holds within it a play.  And when is theater great theater.  Go along to the tiny Barrow Street venue close to Christopher Street station and you will find out.  For there, you will find...

42nd Street The Musical

We all dream of success, making it big and proving to ourselves and to the world that we have what it takes to become the next great story. In “42nd Street - The Musical” the action is packed, and the story relies on the struggles of what theater and putting up a play...

Once On This Island

Imagine laying on the sand in a beautiful, picture-perfect setting on an island in the Caribbean Sea. The winds are blowing softly, the tiny, hypnotizing waves are crashing at your feet, the white beach feels like an endless silk carpet, all for you to enjoy. If...


Sprung to life by a completely female production team, “Waitress - The Musical” tells a story that many of us live, but few have the courage to resolve and fulfill. Created by talented Sara Bareilles, this musical takes a rather banal scene, a diner and turns it into...


A love story like no other. A musical that will forever stay on its throne as one of the best ever written, produced and played. A phenomenon that stands at the top of the industry for decades, and sees no ending in sight. “Carousel - The Musical” is the incredible...

Come From Away

How do you manage to tell over 16.000 stories that happened over the course of 5 full days with just over an hour and a half of time and using only 12 actors? Well, if you’re a talented writer or director, you might be able to write a musical, put it on Broadway and...

The Children

Does The Children Tell Us That Childhood Never Ends? How would we fare should some kind of nuclear catastrophe befall us?  The unstable situation in North Korea, the spread of Islamic State, the worry of a gang of extremists setting off a warhead in a crowded city; a...

Beautiful The Carole King Musical

Being one of the few jukebox musicals in production, “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” is a classic of the industry and a true show to be enjoyed, applauded and remembered.