School of Rock

Following the story of the 2003 movie sensation, School of Rock — The Musical is one of those shows you’ve got to see to believe. Directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowers of Downton Abbey, this play will definitely make you love music, but also transport you into a land of dreams and limits that can and will be exceeded. If you’re looking for the best way to spend some quality time with your theater and rock loving friends, then this is the perfect show for you!

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The story follows the life of Dewey Finn, your typical sacked guitarist with alcohol issues and no place to stay, dreading tomorrow and having nothing to look for in life. One day, he gets a job as a substitute teacher at a prep school and lands into a classroom full of wise minds. First appearances teach Dewey that his class might just be interested in Chemistry or Maths and nothing else, but he soon discovered the musical talent these kids have while they play some Mozart.

From discovering, their talent to smuggling the whole class out of school to prepare and finally participate in the Battle of the Bands contest, Dewey takes the class through the adventure of a lifetime.

Musical’s history

The play came into existence in 2013, after Andrew Lloyd Webber had managed to purchase the stage rights for the movie by Richard Linklater. After deciding to make a first appearance on Broadway rather than London, due to lesser child labor rules in the United States, the premiere was set for autumn of 2015. This was not just huge news for the Broadway musical scene, but also because it this would be the very first musical since 1971 that Lloyd Webber would direct on Broadway, not at the West End.

Auditions for the Broadway performance began in January of 2015. On the 29th of May, it was announced that Alex Brightman would play the role of Dewey Finn. The main character was played by Jack Black in the film. The world premiere was set on December 6th, 2015 at the Winter Garden with tickets beginning to sell out from June of the same year.

The opening night for the London West End was set for the 14th of November, 2016. The original London cast includes David Fynn as Dewey Finn and Florence Andrews as Rosalie Mullins. There were several modifications that the production team made to the set, like eliminating the pre-show curtain and using a revolving stage to change the scenes to fit the show into the London theater.

In addition to the original music from the 2013 movie, School of Rock — The Musical features an original score by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics for the score were written by Glenn Slater, with sound design by Mick Potter.

About the director

Andrew Lloyd Webber is considered to be one of the most best musical writers of the century. Having written 13 musicals to this date, Andrew made a controversial debut back in 1971 with the famous “Jesus Christs Superstar” rock musical. The Broadway show, along with subsequent productions were condemned by some religious groups who stated that parts of the show were “blasphemous” and that the show should be terminated.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a phenomenon of the musical world, receiving a number of awards, including a knighthood and a peerage from Queen Elizabeth II for services to Music. He’s also won seven Tonys, three Grammys (including the Grammy Legend Award), an Academy Award, along with another dozen of internationally renowned awards in music and theater.

Tickets to School of Rock

The lowest priced tickets to School of Rock – The Musical are available through the official website at where you can buy either Broadway or London West End tickets. Broadway tickets start at $59 at the Mezzanine and can go up to 155$ in the Orchestra section of the theater. There are usually two plays on most weekend days, at 2:00 and 7:00 PM and one play on normal weekdays at 2:00 PM.

For the London West End performances, ticket prices start from as low as 15 pounds for the circle seating and can go up to 99,5 pounds for a premium stalls seat. London performances are similarly scheduled to the New York ones, with two performances per day on Thursdays and Sundays, 2:30 and 7:30 PM and one performance per day for the rest of the week, at 2:30 PM.

There’s a USA tour going on in 2017 for all of the School of Rock fans that are too far away from New York or London. You can look up for the best tickets to the show on the same official website, including tour dates and locations. You can also apply to be a part of the band and play in one of the tour performances. Information about the process is also available on the site. If you’re a talented young musician, this could be your one-way ticket to worldwide fame!

Facts about School of Rock — The Musical

  • Media publications reviewing the musical admitted it’s one of the best musicals that are available right now, with The New York Times describing it in one sentence: “BE WARNED! There’s a love story in this one.”
  • There are 28 musical numbers in the entire musical, 17 in the first act and 11 in the second act;
  • The cast recorded an album prior to the show’s debut on Broadway, consisting of 20 tracks including “Stick It to the Man”, “I’m Too Hot for You” and “If Only You Would Listen”.