Dear Evan Hansen

Rightfully named “One of the most remarkable shows in musical theater history” by the Washington Post, “Dear Evan Hansen” has won six of the nine Tony Awards it was nominated for. The musical won the title for the Best Musical, the Best Score, and for the Best Actor in a Musical for the main character interpreted by Ben Platt. An incredible story about mental health, truths and lies, regret and despair, connection and loss, “Dear Evan Hansen” is one of those musicals that will stay with you forever.

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Evan Hansen, a teenager suffering from severe social anxiety, undergoes therapy in order to try and relieve himself from the pain that his poor mental health is causing him and his family. One of the assignments that the therapist decides to try on Evan is for him to write letters to himself about the good that has happened to him every day. Soon enough, he finds himself out good things to write about and decides to write a suicide note, but as he’s printing it out in the school’s computer lab, he gets caught by Connor, a classmate.

After a couple of days, Connor is found dead and with Evan’s letter in his back pocket. A full array of events, mostly misfortunes, follow, with Evan trying his best not only to fabricate a story around the ordeal but to also win the heart of Zoe, the love of his life. When the past and the fake story start biting his back, Evan has to make a radical decision, despite his mental health struggles: is he willing to tell the truth, or lie for as long as he can hide it?

Past, Present, Future

The play is the original work of talented, world-class composers and musicians Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, commonly known as Pasek and Paul in the industry. In one of his interviews, Pasek talked about the true story that he inevitably turned into the best musical he has ever written, saying the whole play is based on an incident that took place during his high school years.

The main idea of the musical is taking the notion of the teenager, in this case, Evan Hansen who, obliged by his surroundings, has no other option but to simply invent a role for himself, which must be played perfectly, while trying to cope in a tragedy he simply never wanted to be in.

The premiere day for the Broadway production of “Dear Evan Hansen” was November 14, 2016. Previous to the big opening on Broadway, the musical was produced in Washington, D.C. at the Arena Stage for a month and a half, from July 10 to August 23, 2015. The director was Michael Greif, with Bill Platt in the leading role. The second production Off-Broadway took place at the Second Stage Theater in Manhattan, starting March 1st, 2016. Michael Greif directed the Manhattan production as well, with Danny Mefford as the choreographer. The production ended on May 29.

“Dear Evan Hansen” made it on Broadway with a fabulous premiere on November 14, 2016. The official opening day was December 4, at the Music Box Theater where the show is currently in production. Besides Ben Platt, who played for the last time on November 19, 2017, the cast stayed the same for the Broadway production. The main role of Evan Hansen was taken on by Noah Galvin on November 21, replacing Platt until the end of January 2018. Noah Galvin is also ready to leave the role by the start of February, when talented Taylor Trensch, Barnaby Tucker from “Hello, Dolly!” is going to bring Evan to life.

Producers of “Dear Evan Hansen” also announced a national tour for the end of 2018, which is now set to debut in Denver in the month of October.

About the director

Michael Greif, the winner of three Obie Awards, is one of the best directors on Broadway. This year, Grief has been nominated for 4 Tony Awards, for his directing on “Next to Normal”, “Rent”, “Grey Gardens” and “Dear Evan Hansen”. A graduate from the San Diego’s “University of California” Directing program, Michael Grief is the original director of the famous production “Rent”, which won him the notorious Obie Award, one of the most important musical directing awards in the industry. He later directed “Rent” and other shows on Broadway, including “Dear Evan Hansen”, starting November 2016.


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Facts about “Dear Evan Hansen”

  • The entire musical is composed of 17 musical numbers, 8 in Act I and 9 in Act 2;
  • Some of the critics acclaimed that the play is treating subjects like mental illness and teenage life into the theater world, which should not even be considered for the big scene, as they are mainly premature for the big scene;
  • If the songs played in the musical sound familiar to you, that’s because the lead songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are also the artists behind world-famous show La La Band.