If you’re one of those persons who loves a good drama, crime or mystery movie or book, then you are in for a treat! Set in the Prohibition era of Chicago, this musical is one of those shows that will serve you a healthy slice of the pie of solving crimes, great disguise, cold blood and criminal minds.

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With productions on Broadway and soon on West End again, “Chicago – The Musical” is the best way to spend a mysterious, unforgettable night and learn that people are almost never what they seem to be. Once you get a taste of the action, you’ll definitely want some more, but don’t get distracted! You might miss the sole clue that solves it all…


The musical is set in the 1920’s Chicago when the streets of the Windy City were swarming with mobsters, bullets and all that is dangerous. The story follows true events related to the papers by a famous journalist at the time, about actual crimes and criminals that she investigated and ultimately reported on. The musical is a demanding, powerful satire about the corruption that was lingering inside the administration and criminal justice systems at the time. The play also made the term “celebrity criminal” famous.

Velma and Roxie, two notorious criminals who go to jail for murdering their husband, sister and lover respectively are battling for fame from behind bars, in a 1920’s Chicago taken over by crime scenes that make the headlines every day. While serving their sentences, one gets in front of the other in the fight for newspaper fame, with the ultimate purpose of getting out of prison, no matter the costs, but to also achieve celebrity status. The play centers around the idea that the more famous you become, even as a criminal, the better chances you had to not end up executed.

Past, Present, Future

The musical is based entirely on the 1926 play with the same name, written by journalist  Maurine Dallas Watkins. Her real job was to report on crimes and criminals like the ones in the play while working for the Chicago Tribune in the Al Capone era. The original Broadway show opened in 1975, at the 46th Street Theater and had a total of 936 performances, with famous Bob Fosse as the lead choreographer. 1979 was the debut year for the West End performances, which totaled 600 runs.

After the first original productions, the revivals appeared in 1996 for the Broadway production and in 1997 for the London one, with many other big productions still happening all over the world. As of today, the Broadway show is the record holder for the longest-running revival of an American musical in the entire history of the industry, being the second longest running play in Broadway’s history, topped solely by “Phantom at the Opera”. The London production is also holding its own record as the longest West End running show in history, being in production for over 15 years before its closure in 2012.

Nowadays, “Chicago – The Musical” is one of the best shows on Broadway, selling more tickets than almost any other performance. The Broadway play moved from theatre to theatre for some time, until finally settling for the gorgeous Ambassador Theatre on 49th Street.

Celebrities like Usher, Michelle Williams, Christopher Sieber, Jerry Springer and other dozens were invited and took part of the production team for special occasions. In 2016, the show celebrated its 20th year on Broadway. Leading actors for the Broadway show now include Bianca Marroquin as Roxie, Amra-Faye Wright as Velma, Tom Hewitt as lawyer Billy Flynn, Raymond Bokhour as husband Amos Hurt and R. Lowe as reporter Mary Sunshine.

On the West End side, the show closed on September 15th, 2012, after 15 years of uninterrupted running. The cast continued with a UK Tour after the close. The London play ran in an array of locations like the Adelphi Theatre (nine years) the Cambridge Theater (six years) and is set to be revived again in March of 2018 at the Phoenix Theater with Cuba Gooding Junior playing lawyer Billy Flynn. The musical won 6 Tony Awards, 2 Oliver Awards and a Grammy.

About the director

The Broadway performance is nowadays directed by talented Walter Bobbie, but the original director was famous Bob Fosse, a legend of the movie and theater industry. You definitely know Fosse from the autobiographical film “All That Jazz”, which won him four Academy Awards, including his third nomination for Best Director.


You can find the best tickets to “Chicago – The Musical” on the official website at, where there’s an up-to-date schedule for the Broadway production. Tickets start at $69 for the Mezzanine and $99 at the Orchestra, with VIP tickets raging anywhere between $139 and $209 for a premium seat.

The Broadway show is scheduled to run every day of the week except for Wednesdays (shows do take place on one or two Wednesdays every month if there’s a demand for it) with two runs on Saturdays and Sundays and one run per day for the rest of the week at 8:00 PM.

The London production is set to begin in March of 2018. The premiere show is set for Monday, March the 26th at 8:00 PM. Ticket prices start from as low as 23,90 pounds and can be found on the official website. For price comparisons, be sure to check out sites like SeatGeek and StubHub, as you might be able to find the best scores on these websites.

Fun facts about Chicago – The Musical

  • In his entire career, Bob Fosse won a staggering 28 awards, including 8 Tony’s and 1 Oscar;
  • The play has a total of 15 musical numbers in Act I, followed by another 9 in Act 2;
  • The famous play “Phantom of the Opera” is the only musical from Broadway that has surpassed the number of continuous performances of “Chicago – The Musical”, with over 12.000 productions, about 4.000 more than “Chicago”.