A love story like no other. A musical that will forever stay on its throne as one of the best ever written, produced and played. A phenomenon that stands at the top of the industry for decades, and sees no ending in sight. “Carousel – The Musical” is the incredible love story between two carousel and mill workers who go through hell and back just to make their love tangible. Coming from the mind of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, the brilliant creators behind the hit show “Oklahoma!” this musical is the one to see and live at least once in a lifetime. For the best tickets to “Carousel – The Musical” and for anything related to this legendary show, keep on reading!

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Julie and Carrie, two young and beautiful women visit the town’s carousel after work, only to come in contact with Billy, the barker of the establishment, for which Julie quickly finds an attraction. After the barker puts his arms around Julie during one of the rides, he gets fired by the widowed and jealous owner of the carousel, Mrs Mullin. Billy doesn’t let this small inconvenience ruining their evening, so he invites Julie for a drink, and she agrees on it, although staying up late will result in her getting out of her job as well, which inevitably happens.

Left alone, the two spend a great night together and forever fall for each other, although they don’t have the courage to tell one another how they feel. Months pass and now Julie and Billy, newlyweds and jobless, are struggling to survive. Billy, in a moment of neglect, slaps Julie, which tells her girlfriend Carrie, now married to a future-to-be-wealthy husband, about the incident.

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With the town getting ready for a huge clambake, Billy gets lured by his friend into setting up a robbery on Julie’s ex. boss, Mr Bascombe, which owns the mill. Julie tries to stop her husband, but with no success. The robbery fails, and Billy is unfortunately on his way to the Heavens after committing suicide. The story ends with Billy trying to repair his mishaps from Above because his one-way ticket to Heaven is only going to be coming to him if he can set things straight in the world he left behind on Earth

Past, Present, Future

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II are the geniuses behind the musical, creating the music, book and lyrics for the play. The show is an adaptation of the 1909 Hungarian play “Liliom” from Ferenc Molnar. The story is one of the few following two plots at once, Billy and Julie on the front, and Carrie and Enoch on the back. The show is famous for songs like “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “If I Loved You” and “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over”.

The musical required a lot of modifications from the original “Liliom” script, as the owner of the rights for the Budapest production refused to sell them to the American team for being just too depressing for theatre. After the ending of the play was somewhat enriched and made less sad, the rights were finally sold and the production began and was an immediate hit after the April 19th, 1945 Broadway opening. The initial run of 890 performances was a success that was duplicated in the West End in 1950. Since then, the show enjoyed a number of revivals on both Broadway and in the West End.

Currently, the previews for the 2018 revival of the legendary show are set to begin on February 28th, with official debut night set for April 12th. Director for the play is Jack O’Brien, with choreography by Justin Peck and leading roles by Jessie Mueller as Julie, Joshua Henry as Billy and Lindsay Mendez as Carrie.

About the director

With an impressive career in directing, writing and producing, Jack O’Brien has no easy task in bringing back to life one of the most important musicals ever created in its 2018 Broadway revival. At 78 years of age, Jack served as the Artistic Director at the “Old Globe Theatre” in San Diego, California for 36 years. O’Brien was nominated for 10 Tony’s, winning 3 of them, along with 5 “Drama Desk Awards”. His best work is considered to be for musicals like “Hairspray” and “The Full Monty”, but he is also renowned for dramas like “The Invention of Love”, “The Piano Lesson” and “The Coast of Utopia”.


You can find the best tickets to “Carousel – The Musical” by visiting the official revival website at where there’s an up-to-date schedule for the previews and the upcoming shows. Ticket prices start from $69 for a Mezzanine seat and $89 for an Orchestra seat, going up to and above $199 for a premium seat. The show will take place at the “Imperial Theatre” on 45th Street, with curtains Monday through Saturday.

There are going to be two productions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 2 and 8:00 PM and one curtain in the rest of the days, at 8:00 PM. For price comparison, be sure to check out sites like SeatGeek and StubHub.

Facts about “Carousel – The Musical”

  • The play was named “The Musical of the 20th Century” by TIME Magazine, which is the highest possible reward of the publication;
  • The musical is composed off of 18 musical pieces, 9 for each of the two acts;
  • The mastermind behind the musical, Richard Rodgers is one of the only two people in the entire world who’s won an EGOT (an Emmy, an Oscar, a Grammy and a Tony Award) and a Pulitzer Prize, along with genius composer Marvin Hamlisch.


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